2023 Gaming Experience Survey Report

Posted August 7, 2023
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Breaking the cycle of ineffective video game feedback: the key to better games, cleaner code, and happier, healthier developers.

To better understand the challenges facing gamedevs today, we recently surveyed 150 full- and part-time game developers in the U.S. and 500 U.S.-based gamers to gauge how game developers feel about new releases, how feedback impacts them, and the effectiveness of existing feedback loops. 

Most software enables users to achieve tasks or is otherwise used as a tool. Users can put up with an inelegant UI if the software helps them file their taxes on time. But with video games, the software experience is the product, and the bar for quality is much higher, increasing pressure, expectations, and emotions.

Download the complimentary report to learn:

  • Why games that should stay in beta get pressured into release

  • What gamers really do when games glitch 

  • The true mental and physical toll bullying and harassment have on developers

  • Why addressing bugs during pre- and post- release is such a challenge 

  • Why mobile developers need better feedback solutions

Aug 7, 2023
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