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Posted July 26, 2022

Sauce Labs Product Updates & Test Automation Insights July 2022

Welcome to The Monthly Sauce! We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on to help your organization achieve quality at speed. You’ll also get the latest insights and resources from our experts.


New! Mobile App Diagnostics to Help You Debug and Release Faster

Quickly determine the root cause of errors and test failures with the industry’s most comprehensive suite of diagnostic test information and quality signals, now available in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud. Key features include:

  • API and network capture: Easily capture API and HTTP/S requests during Android and iOS/iPadOS tests on real devices for manual and automated testing

  • App performance: Get visibility into the performance of a device or app under test to improve the time to resolve test failures with real-time vitals including CPU performance, memory performance, and UI responsiveness

  • Error and crash reporting: Capture, prioritize, and resolve mobile app errors and crashes faster with complete context and data on impact

  • User interactions: Debug UI problems faster by accessing user interactions through the UI and API

Other New Features

You May Have Missed...Stay Ahead of the Latest Thinking and Trends with Our Experts

Sauce Labs automated testing experts Nikolay Advolodkin and Marcus Merrell partnered with DZone to bring you the latest and greatest best practices on automated testing. Download eBook

Level up your automated testing with the Chrome DevTools Recorder panel, which allows you to record, replay, and measure user flows and then create JSON, Puppeteer, and Puppeteer Replay test scripts to run on Sauce Labs.

Learn the latest about mobile app testing, types of mobile devices, and best practices for choosing the best devices for your testing needs.

Good API testing should give developers confidence that services will run and perform as expected in production. Learn how much contract testing vs. end-to-end functional testing is really needed for achieving quality at speed.

Today’s software development teams are more resource-crunched than ever, but the pressures to deliver quality at speed are only increasing. Download our guide to learn how AI-driven low-code testing can help address these automated testing challenges. Download guide

Listen to Marcus Merrell, Sauce Labs’ VP of Technology Strategy, discuss what bad code can mean for your business. He points out that the no-code movement allows you to focus less on testing code, and more on your business and the customer experience. You can also listen on LinkedIn.

This TechCrunch feature article focuses on the strategic value of testing in a world that relies on code. It discusses how automation and cloud services have turned software development into a continuous process that allows you to test across the SDLC earlier and faster to drive more impactful business results and delight users. 

Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest product updates, support announcements, new OS/browser coverage, and more. And as always, you can use the Platform Configurator to quickly and easily create code snippets for the desired capabilities of your automated testing scripts in the language of your choice.

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Director, Content Marketing at Sauce Labs
Jul 26, 2022
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