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Posted August 8, 2019

Test on Real Devices Faster with Virtual USB


We’re happy to introduce Virtual USB, or vUSB, the newest addition to the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud. Get rid of all those Android devices cluttering your desk (iOS coming later this year) and conduct manual or automated testing as if there is a real device connected to your computer via a USB cable.

What makes Sauce Labs vUSB different from other vUSB offerings? There are two things in particular.

First, Sauce Labs makes it extraordinarily simple to connect and test in our Real Device Cloud. Users don’t have to enter through a UI or browser. There’s no need to modify, patch, or change Android Debug Bridge (ADB) versions and additional plug-ins are not required to install. Plus, vUSB from Sauce:

  • Works within any network condition - regardless of proxies of firewalls. All you need is an Internet connection.

  • Can be used with any private device.

  • Is optimized with speed and performance that reduces the latency of running ADB comments.

  • Provides a virtually unlimited feature-set.

  • Works with other types of debugging tools such as Chrome Remote Debugging.

Second, Sauce vUSB does far more than simply provide virtual device connection. The expansive feature set and flexibility of vUSB gives our customers the ability to use the tool across a range of use cases.

  • Live Debugging: Offers line-by-line debugging in your Integrated Development Environment, so you can see what’s going on in real time. This allows you to monitor errors and warnings through the event log so you can fix either user errors or bugs associated with specific Android versions and models early in the development cycle. You can also access console logs from the cloud device for insight into what is going on in the background.

  • Test Everything: Run any type of automation or testing suite, whether this is Appium, Espresso or any other framework that relies on ADB-connected devices.

  • Performance Monitoring: Review the vitals of your device while running the app. This provides insight into the overall app performance and opportunities for optimization. Upload, download and modify files, gain real time log access, plus keep track of SKU, RAM, and memory usage while running specific actions. What’s even better? Make code changes and test them immediately.

  • Pre-build Testing: Users of Sauce vUSB can test an app before packaging a new version. Plus, run an automation script or do a manual test on the same application and avoid last-minute issues by testing from your IDE onto a real device in the cloud.

View the Tech Talk for more information on our vUSB offering and see just how easy it is to connect and get started. To begin experiencing the power and flexibility of Sauce Labs vUSB, contact sales or your Customer Success Manager.

Aug 8, 2019
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