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Posted February 18, 2021

Speed Up JavaScript Test Automation on the Sauce Cloud

Learn how Sauce Labs seamlessly integrates Cypress, Playwright, and TestCafe tests to run at scale on the Sauce Labs platform. Only Sauce Labs provides one solution for all your testing needs.


In recent years, there’s been a shift towards broader adoption of JavaScript test automation frameworks. Today our customers are using Cypress, TestCafe, Puppeteer, and most recently, Playwright. Plus, they are often using these alongside existing Selenium and mobile test automation frameworks. The options for testing have increased, and depending on your unique testing needs, you may be adopting one or many solutions in your organization. 

Our most recent release includes full support for Cypress, Playwright, and TestCafe on the Sauce Labs platform. This means that you can use our continuous testing solutions for cross-browser testing, CI/CD integration, mass parallelization and test insights in conjunction with these testing frameworks. 

In working with customers, we’ve discovered that no matter which framework you choose, there are challenges that are common to all teams. These challenges include integrating the tools into the DevOps pipeline, maintaining local and CI/CD test environments, parallelizing tests at scale, and test reporting and insights.

To support our customers’ new testing needs, and create a better way to integrate with modern DevOps processes, we built the saucectl CLI. saucectl is a solution that allows teams to have flexibility on how, what, and where they test, while providing infrastructure to support local, CI/CD and testing at scale on the Sauce Labs DevOps Test Toolchain.

Within minutes, you can start running Cypress, Playwright or TestCafe test suites at scale on Sauce Labs.

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