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Posted March 23, 2020

Selenium Grid


Automated Testing with Selenium

Are you still maintaining your own Selenium Grid? Are you spending too much time maintaining the Grid with browser and operating system updates?

Many organizations begin their automated testing journey by building their own in-house Selenium Grid. However, these organizations later discover that maintaining the Grid themselves is costly and burdensome.

This is where Sauce Labs can help.

Why Use Sauce Labs for Selenium Testing?

Sauce Labs provides the world's largest automated testing cloud for Selenium tests, with thousands of browser/OS/device combinations that are updated constantly and always available.

Sauce Labs takes the cost and burden of an in-house Selenium Grid off your hands so your developers have more time to do what they do best: write code.

  • Over 2000 browser/OS/device combinations available on demand.

  • Integrations with the most popular CI servers: Bamboo, Jenkins, Gitlab, Github Actions, CircleCI, Travis, and more.

  • Scalability – Spin up as many VMs as you need and run them in parallel to speed up your testing.

  • Debugging – Video playback and screenshots of each test help you quickly identify any issues with your apps.

  • Front-end Page Load Performance – Get easy access to Google Lighthouse Performance metrics as pages are loaded.

  • Visual Testing – A picture is worth a thousand assertions! Incorporate Visual Testing into your Selenium scripts to get early indications of visual imperfections

  • Sauce Insights – Best-in-class test analysis and recommendations, from failure groupings to automatic suggestions for test optimization.

Remove the maintenance burden that comes with your in-house Selenium Grid – with the Sauce Labs continuous testing cloud. Sign up for your Sauce Labs free trial today.

Mar 23, 2020
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