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Posted November 15, 2010

Sauce Wizards Make Learning Selenium Easier


We’ve been focusing on making Sauce OnDemand as simple as possible. Read on to find out about three new features that will get new users running tests faster.

  • Sauce Jump Start gives you code based on your programming language to make your first test happen.

  • Sauce Connect Wizard helps you create a private, secure connection from your development site to our cloud in seconds.

  • Sauce Advisor is a smart test analyzer that runs in the background. Each time you run tests, the Sauce Advisor will provide tips and feedback, available in the UI.

Sauce Jump Start

One of the things we love about Selenium is how easy it integrates with various languages and tools. But it can be challenging to wade through massive amounts of documentation to find what pertains to you. Our new Sauce Jump Start Guide, an automatic wizard that sits on your account page, is designed to assist you with running your first cross browser test in the cloud, regardless of environment, tools, or skill level. Just click on your preferred testing language, follow the sample code, and voila! You'll be running your tests OnDemand in no time.

Sauce Connect Wizard

Having Sauce OnDemand test your private app using Sauce Connect is generally a straightforward process. Sauce Connect creates a direct line from our cloud to a specific test server on your private network. You don't have to open any ports on your firewall, and once you shut the Sauce Connect down, your private server becomes invisible to our cloud again, creating a safe and secure environment. We realize not everyone is comfortable figuring out the correct command line arguments for doing it. That's why we created the Sauce Connect Wizard. When you start the wizard, it asks you two simple questions, points you to the correct download, and gives you the command you need to get up and running. If you have a more complex setup, you'll want to read the Sauce Connect Overview page, but we hope this wizard will get many of our users testing within minutes.

Sauce Advisor

These two wizards are great at making new users' lives easier, but we know it can still be a long journey to setting up a professional testing environment. The Sauce Support team hears about many of the test hangups our users face, and though personal email responses are great, they dont scale very well. Plus, nothing beats instant help. Since we love automation at Sauce Labs, we decided to create the Sauce Advisor, a smart and invisible test analyzer that offers suggestions for how to make your tests even more awesome. Each time you run your tests on Sauce OnDemand, the Sauce Advisor will analyze them and provide small tips and feedback (if it thinks you need it). The more tests you run, the more you'll learn - and eventually you'll be your own company's automation expert! :-)

You can find both wizards in your user account page, and you can see a demo of Sauce Advisor in action in this example job page.

Nov 15, 2010
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