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Posted October 25, 2022

Sauce Labs Launches Community Fellowship Program Focused on Open Source

Sauce Labs is proud to launch our brand new Community Fellowship Program. The program aims to foster diversity in the open source community, providing paid training for five people over a period of six months. It welcomes aspiring technologists who want to gain a footing in the tech world and further expand their knowledge and skills.


What is the Sauce Labs Community Fellowship Program?

We’re glad you asked! This program is designed for talented and passionate participants who are uncertain about how to get started in the technology industry and have a drive for collaboration and open source. 

As a fellowship program, successful applicants are paid a monthly stipend during the program to break down all-too-common financial barriers, allowing them to work on a worthwhile open-source project.

Fellows will work in a transdisciplinary approach, exposing them to other fundamental areas around software: code, content, design, quality, and community. Participants will learn about the open source ecosystem and be mentored about the role of maintainers and the importance of governance and best practices. It is about creating relevant and quality software, reinforcing Sauce Labs' mission to create a world of digital trust.

What You’ll Do

Sound like your cup of tea? Here are some more details on what the selected fellows will be responsible for.

The five successful applicants will work together to revamp and open source the Elemental Selenium. Filtering and updating its content, redesigning based on user experience, updating the software architecture, creating all the necessary documentation to comply with open source best practices, presenting the new version for its community, and, of course, creating a proper test suite to make it reliable is part of the applicant's tasks.

Who You Are

This fellowship is intended for people who already have some knowledge in the desired role, proven through a link to repositories, portfolios, or other material that demonstrates their dedication to learning the desired career. Previous professional experience is not required, but personal projects and demonstration of practice are desirable.

Participants can come from a wide range of backgrounds. Code school graduates, people switching careers, university students, self-taught, or people coming back to tech after starting a family or other long absence.

Sauce Labs Open Source Fellowship Program is full time (40 hr/week), consists of remote work for fellows and mentors, and is open to anyone able to legally work in the United States. Notable dates are below: 

  • Fellowship open call closes: October 28, 2022

  • Applicants selection process: November 1-11, 2022

  • Fellows announcement: November 16, 2022

  • Fellowships run December 1, 2022, to June 1, 2023

Apply Today!

Ready to join the squad and make a difference? Apply to the Sauce Labs Community Fellowship Program today!

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