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Posted March 23, 2020

Online Selenium Test Platform


Get Complete Selenium Testing for Web App Development

As the most widely used testing platform, Selenium is the most well-supported and comprehensive app testing framework available. As the de-facto testing choice, Selenium has a number of advantages such as bindings for most scripting languages so you can write tests in the language of your choice and run them with Selenium. If you want the comprehensive testing and versatility of Selenium, without the maintenance costs, let Sauce Labs be your go-to testing service.

As an open-source platform, Selenium leverages the expertise of a huge community. Selenium also has bindings for many scripting languages like Ruby, .NET, C#, JavaScript, and even Cucumber. This allows your Dev teams to manage and review your tests in whatever language you choose to further reduce testing time. With Sauce Labs, your Selenium testing can be automated and is done in the cloud on pristine VMs so you know your results are accurate.

What makes Sauce Labs your best choice for online Selenium testing?

  • Speed - concurrent testing, in the cloud, on a highly scalable testing grid means fast testing, every day

  • Coverage - hundreds of browser/OS combos means you can be sure your app renders in any environment

  • Security - secure your test communications with Sauce Connect, and clean VMs ensure the integrity of your data

  • Results - get complete testing logs, metadata, and even video to find and fix bugs fast

Start your online browser tests with a free 28-day trial with Sauce Labs today!

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