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Posted November 8, 2023

November 2023 Customer Newsletter

New season, new updates from Sauce Labs! Find the latest product updates, insights, events, and more below.


Now that Halloween is behind us, it’s time for an age-old debate: How early is “too early” to put up your holiday decor?

We share a few exciting updates below.

Replay the Hot Sauce Releases product webinar 🌶️

Watch October’s Hot Sauce Releases webinar, which highlights a product roadmap designed to enhance testing efficiency, accelerate engineering velocity, and improve reliability.

You’ll see demos of spicy products and features:

  • Sauce Orchestrate (our hosted test orchestration tool)

  • Sauce Visual (our new first-party visual testing solution)

  • Crash Analytics Reporting for mobile and browser testing

Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at our brand-new AI-powered test execution and data insights features. But shhh, don’t tell anyone. 🤫

Prefer to read? See the 10 key takeaways from the presentation.

Do you behave badly? 😈

Pushing to prod without testing. 

Shipping untested code generated by ChatGPT. 

Bad OpSec hygiene. 

We all know it happens, but to what extent?

We surveyed 500 developers to uncover the truth. 

Tune into these terrifying tales of testing gone wrong 😱

In the Halloween episode of Test Case Scenario, Jason is joined by testing experts Evelyn, Nikolay, and Marcus. 

The group dresses up in costumes, gathers around, and shares five software development horror stories from history. 

Tune in to hear truly terrifying tales of how a lack of proper testing can cost you time, money, or even… life as you know it. ☠️

You’re invited to join two upcoming betas 🔬

Sauce Labs invites you to participate in the following upcoming betas:

Electron Desktop App Testing Beta

Electron embeds Chromium and Node.js to enable web developers to create desktop applications. Sauce Labs is beta testing support automated testing for Electron-based apps on Windows and Mac, with more platforms coming soon. To join the beta, please submit a request with this form.

Sauce Connect v5 HTTP/2 Beta Sauce Labs is releasing a major upgrade to the Sauce Connect proxy client, introducing HTTP/2 as our new, non-proprietary SSH tunneling protocol. This release will increase tunnel performance up to 2-5X, uses ~50X less memory, grants tunneling insights, supports SOCKS5, and has package-managed installation options. To join the beta, please submit a request with this form.

Community content 👩‍💻

Learn from industry experts who live and breathe testing...

The Test Automation Experience Show

The Test Case Scenario Podcast 

Live Streams

Other Resources

New features 👾

Test smarter, not harder with these features:

Events 👥

Don't be a stranger! Connect with us at an upcoming event:

See ya next month! 🍂

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Jes Kirkwood
Content Marketing Consultant
Nov 8, 2023
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