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Posted March 23, 2020

iPhone Simulator


iPhone Simulator for Faster App Testing

With the world moving to mobile devices, testing mobile apps across many mobile browsers is super important. Manually testing your app in each browser on each mobile device is a painfully slow process and just can't keep up efficiently with your agile development process. You need to release your apps frequently, and manually testing will just slow you down.

To speed your tests, you need to automate them to run across a variety of iOS Simulators.  Using Appium, the standard open source framework for automated mobile testing, you can easily automate mobile tests for simulators and real devices.   Simply develop your tests in any scripting language you prefer and run them on our Appium cloud.  We have hundreds of simulators, emulators and real devices ready and waiting for testing.  Because you can test across a wide variety of devices, you can ensure the quality of your app well before it gets into the hands of your users.  Sauce takes care of all the maintenance, security and clean up of device so you can concentrate on creating apps - not maintaining infrastructure.

Start your FREE trial today and join the hundreds of companies experiencing the benefits of simulator testing on mobile devices with Sauce. 

Mar 23, 2020
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