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Posted July 10, 2024

Test on iOS 18 Beta in the Sauce Real Device Cloud

The ability to test on a variety of operating systems, browsers, and devices is a huge part of our Secret Sauce. With the recent release of iOS 18, which is also now supported on Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud, we want to share what's in it for developers and testers.


Why Test Your Apps on iOS Beta Versions?

  • Mitigate risks early: Identify and address potential bugs before the official release, mitigating risks and ensuring a smooth transition for users.

  • Prepare for the rapid adoption: With iOS 17 adoption reaching nearly 65%, within three months from its launch, timely testing ensures apps are ready for your users.

  • Build trust: Early testing reduces compatibility issues and app crashes, ensuring smooth performance with each iOS update and fostering user trust.

  • Stay ahead: Integrate the latest features and advancements early, ensuring your apps can leverage new APIs and frameworks introduced, giving your apps a competitive edge. 

iOS 18 (Beta): Features You Need to Know

As iOS 18 Beta rolls out, it's crucial for testers and developers to understand its new features. Senior Developer Advocate at Sauce Labs, Nikolay Advolodkin, shares his insights on two standout updates that will significantly impact user experience and app development.

  • Enhanced Multitasking Capabilities:

    • Importance - Improved multitasking directly enhances user experience and productivity

    • Testing Focus - Pay close attention to app switching fluidity, background process management, and resource allocation.

  • AI and Machine Learning Improvements:

    • Importance - Smarter AI transforms app behavior and user interaction.

    • Testing Focus - Accuracy of AI, the efficiency of learning algorithms, and response times.

  • Other critical features to test:

  1. Apple Intelligence: On-device AI to personalize user experience (Available on iPhone 15 Pro models, and iPads and Macs with an M-series chip).

  2. Enhanced Siri: Edit photos, manage files, create folders, and more.

  3. Swift 6:  Latest version of swift programming language allows to test concurrency mode, generic enhancements, and more.

  4. StoreKit: Implement in-app purchases and subscriptions within the apps.

  5. Translation API: Programmatically translate text within the apps.

  6. Widget Customization: Personalize app icons, widget sizes, and colors.

  7. Redesigned Control Center: Rearrange elements for easier access, customize sizes and groups.

  8. Improved Accessibility: Control iPhone with eye movements and more features.

  9. Lock Screen Control Customization: Swap or remove Flashlight and Camera icons; assign controls to the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro models.

And more…

To efficiently navigate the wealth of information, we recommend reviewing relevant APIs you use from the WWDC sessions library, and checkout the detailed release notes.

Start Testing Mobile Your App on iOS 18 Beta with Sauce Labs

In the ever-evolving iOS ecosystem, being proactive in testing the transformative changes is paramount. Get instant access to iOS 18 Beta through our Real Device Cloud. Start testing today!

Jul 10, 2024
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