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Posted November 18, 2021

Getting Started With Sauce Labs Low-Code Automated Web Testing

Sauce Labs Low-Code Automated Web Testing is here! This release focuses on expanded integrations and new intelligent testing features to enable citizen testers and non-coders to reduce time spent on testing by executing automated scripts across browser and OS combinations.


The software industry is transforming rapidly due to new changes brought on by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). AI & ML have democratized many aspects of the software testing process helping businesses, small and large, save time and money. As AI bridges the technical gap required in many jobs, more people will be able to add tremendous value to development teams — without the need of a computer science degree.

According to Gartner’s IT Automation Predictions for 2021, these new approaches will allow teams to spend less time testing and more time innovating, shifting up to 30% of IT operations efforts from support to continuous engineering.

To help customers make this shift, Sauce Labs is introducing low-code automated web testing to empower citizen testers (business analysts, product managers, manual testers etc.) to be equally as productive as the best automation engineers in the market today. By using AI-powered, low-code systems, citizen testers can author, write, and fully automate their test suites with zero to very little programming knowledge. This enables those who are great at understanding the business goals of the company, and close to the customer, to fully test their web applications. They can also work collaboratively with automation engineers who can focus on other critical and code-specific aspects of the software development life cycle.

This release will also be the first time AutonomIQ customers are able to take advantage of the variety of different OS and browser combinations that Sauce Labs has to offer.

Here are the highlights of this release:

Executing low-code tests generated in AutonomIQ on Sauce Labs - users with Sauce Labs licenses can now execute their low-code tests on the Sauce Labs Virtual Device Cloud (VDC), giving them access to additional OS/browser combinations. Moreover, tests can also run behind a firewall using Sauce Connect. The ability to leverage the security and configurability of the Sauce Connect Proxy to automate test assets created in AutonomIQ’s low-code test studio is a significant additional benefit.

To start, low-code tests created in the AutonomIQ studio can run against the most common platforms and browsers supported by Sauce, with plans to add thousands of combinations in the future.

Viewing executions in the Sauce Labs Dashboard - each time an automation script is run, the detailed results of the test are compiled and displayed on Sauce Labs and are available to all members of your team for analysis and debugging.

The low-code test scripts generated in AutonomIQ can now be analyzed for specific details about the test:

  • Play the video of the test execution

  • View the scripts associated with each transition of the test

  • View the log data captured for each test

  • View the metadata which captures the basic identity of the test (Job ID, Name, Build)

  • View the Performance Report and receive an overall score review

Viewing reporting in the AutonomIQ Dashboard - once the executions are complete on the Sauce Labs VDCs, reports can also be viewed on the AutonomIQ Dashboard, just like any other AutonomIQ script execution.

This is ideal for non-technical professionals who may only need the simplified details of their test executions:

  • Status of the test script (complete, failed, number of steps etc.)

  • Browser and platform executed on

  • Execution date and total time taken

Want to Get Started?

Intelligent low-code systems are beginning to take hold across the software development lifecycle and Sauce Labs is excited to be helping companies along this journey. Companies must turn to new technologies like AI to simplify and scale the jobs done by software development teams today and avoid getting bogged down by complex systems.

Current customers can try out these new features plus many more improvements in the AutonomIQ low-code studio - you can watch this demo to learn more.

Nov 18, 2021
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