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Posted April 7, 2020

Cross Browser Testing


Simplify Cross-Browser Testing

Keeping your apps rendering properly on all the possible combinations of browsers and OSs is a difficult and time consuming task - especially if you are still doing your cross-browser testing manually. And, supporting all the browsers and OSs you need to test against on your in-house grid is a time consuming task. Automate the process of testing your apps across multiple browsers with Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs offers over 900 browser versions on our robust CI-ready testing platform including - FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. So you can easily start testing on Internet Explorer (IE) or quickly run a Safari browser test. And, we support browsers across Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS.

With Sauce Labs you can automate your testing so you can spend more time coding and less time running tests.

  • Get results in the language you prefer – Java, HTML, Groovy, C#, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby - so your tests speak the same language as your application and dev team

  • Eliminate bugs faster – Use immediate video playback of your tests in action, and share them with your teammates

  • Eliminate test infrastructure headaches – Automate your tests on our cloud and run your tests up to 10 times faster

  • Run Selenium tests 

    on our cloud securely with Sauce connect, our TLS tunnel, you can run your scripts and test against data behind your firewall.

Whether you're an IE tester or Safari tester, you'll be able to find the browser you want to test. Start testing your site for cross browser compatibility on various browsers and OS platforms today. Sign up for a free trial now.

Apr 7, 2020
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