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Posted September 26, 2022

Cross-Browser Test Your Apps on Safari 16

You can now test your apps on Safari 16 with Sauce Labs automated testing, live testing, and Sauce Connect.


At Sauce Labs, we’re always striving to provide you with the most comprehensive testing coverage to ensure your apps work on every browser, devices, and OS. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we now support testing Safari 16 on the latest macOS 12.

You can cross-browser test your apps on these versions with Sauce Labs automated testing, live testing, and Sauce Connect, plus more features to come. 

Why Should You Test on Safari 16?

Testing your app on the latest versions helps you ensure compatibility with new features and fix any bugs before your customers experience them. You can have confidence that your app will deliver an error-free user experience with the latest version available.

What's New in Safari 16

Safari 16 includes a host of exciting new features for enhanced productivity, collaboration, and more. By testing your app on Safari 16 you can ensure compatibility with the following new features:

  • Privacy and security enhancements, including more frequent security updates and passkeys for easier and more secure logins

  • Tab groups for sharing tabs and bookmarks, sending messages, and starting FaceTime within Safari 

  • Accessibility enhancements, including live audio to text captions and Voice Control spelling mode for dictating letter by letter

  • Other features including newly added language support, new extensions features, and support for new Web page image translation

You can read all about these new features and more in the Safari 16 release notes.

How to Test on Safari (With Samples)

Safari 16 is currently available on the latest macOS 12. Here are the recommended capabilities to use to ensure your tests are always running on the latest Safari version available:

SafariOptions browserOptions = new SafariOptions(); browserOptions.setBrowserVersion("latest");

Omitting ‘platformName’ capability and not specifying an OS allows you to always be on the latest version of Safari regardless of macOS version available. Having a macOS specified will limit your Safari only to the version available on that corresponding macOS. 

Here is another example of test capabilities you can use to test Safari 16:

SafariOptions browserOptions = new SafariOptions(); browserOptions.setBrowserVersion("16");

See the Sauce Labs platform configurator for more code examples.

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Sep 26, 2022
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