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Posted June 10, 2024

Sauce Labs Is Now An Appium Strategic Partner

This partnership is a huge step forward in our quest to improve software quality, testing, and efficiency.

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We've proudly supported Appium since 2013, when it first grabbed the attention of our co-founder Jason Huggins at a Selenium conference. He immediately saw Appium’s potential to become a leading tool for mobile app automation. 

That was less than a year after Dan Cuellar developed Appium to tackle the challenges of iOS app testing. Since then, Sauce Labs has proudly backed the Appium project with resources and additional developer power to transition it from Python to a Node.js framework. This pivotal change not only increased Appium's efficiency but also broadened its appeal to the open-source community. 

Over the years, we’ve continued to play a crucial role in Appium’s development, including its move to the JS Foundation in 2016 to ensure its open-source future. 

So, it’s only fitting that we made our more-than-a-decade-long partnership official: As of today, Sauce Labs is an exclusive premium sponsor for Appium.

This partnership isn't just about funding — it's about nurturing the talent and passion that drive Appium's groundbreaking work in software testing.

Appium is a shining example of community-driven innovation. In a time where many projects rely heavily on venture capital and corporate backing, Appium has thrived primarily through the dedication and contributions of its vibrant community. By supplementing their user-generated donations, we aim to ensure the sustainability and growth of this remarkable project.

What this partnership means for the Appium community

For the first time, Appium contributors can receive financial recognition for their invaluable efforts. This is about more than just money — it's about valuing and acknowledging the people who drive Appium forward. Imagine the possibilities when talented individuals are empowered to dedicate even more of their creativity and expertise to a project they’re passionate about. Hint: they’re endless.

Here at Sauce Labs, we’re so stoked about all the greatness this partnership brings. We share Appium's vision of revolutionizing software testing and quality assurance. Together, we aim to empower developers and testers all over the world, making advanced testing tools more accessible and fostering a community where innovation thrives.

Want to get involved? That'd be awesome. The project offers a ton of ways to contribute:

  • Contribute code

  • Improve documentation

  • Create educational content (blog posts, tutorials, videos, etc.)

  • Spread the word about the project (e.g. via Twitter)

  • File bugs if you discover them while using Appium

  • Make feature requests if you're missing something in the project or help triaging bugs

  • Support users in the Appium forum

Jason Baum
Director of Community
Jun 10, 2024
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