All-in-one platform for AI-based low-code testing for Oracle applications

Run tests and process automation across all Oracle-based applications. Low-code, plain English-based test generation helps you capture your test intent in minutes and helps you become productive in a short amount of time.

From requirements to results in minutes

You create the test case. We generate your scripts. AI-driven end-to-end test automation includes powerful NLP capabilities. Optimize agile, CI/CD, TDD/BDD and other workflows for ROI, velocity and throughput.

Intelligent test management

Manage testing through constant changes, frequent upgrades and new functionality across end-to-end business processes.

Self-configuring reusable components

Create re-usable test components customized for your Oracle instance and add them to new test scenarios with a single click.

Oracle API testing

Increase the breadth, scope, and velocity of your API testing and decrease the time between finding defects and resolution.

Deep-learning capabilities

Detect changes and enable self-healing for test assets giving you critical, real-time feedback to ensure long-term durability and scalability.

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One-stop testing for Oracle enterprise apps

Centralize testing quality and analytics for any Oracle technology, product, and Oracle Marketplace app — Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Netsuite, Oracle Sales Cloud and more. Drive quality and get critical feedback across all Salesforce cloud products (commerce, marketing, and sales) plus industry clouds for finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

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Accelerate Oracle test automation with AI

Testing is a crucial part of safeguarding the customer confidence provided by Oracle-based products. Low-code test automation is a solution that can help mitigate risk, accelerate innovation, and increase efficiency while maintaining complex technology systems like Oracle. In this white paper, we'll explore low-code AI-powered test automation for Oracle apps to gain a better understanding of how it contributes to increasing productivity, decreasing cost, and empowering more employees.

Features of Oracle testing

Make enterprise application testing faster, more scalable and painless. Delight your Oracle administrators and their users.

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Citizen tester friendly

As a low-code application development platform, empower anyone in your organization to write automation tests.

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Auto-maintain assets

Reduce risk by discovering and adjusting test scripts using NLP. Keeps apps current and eliminate vendor surprises.

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Regulatory compliance

Stay GDPR compliant with intelligent, referential, and intact subsets of data rendered anonymously through masking.

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Test any customer Oracle app

Dramatically reduce risks with plain English testing and eliminate the need for expensive resources while testing any Oracle application

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