Test application flow UI from beginning to end to detect and fix visual regressions

Visual testing with Sauce Labs

Test the visual aspects of the UI from end-to-end across different browsers and resolutions

Improve the visual quality of your application and eliminate visual bugs. Perform automated visual testing of an application’s UI from end-to-end and fix any unintended visual changes.

Continuous testing efficiency

Deliver better products, faster

Execute visual tests quickly and automatically detect visual regressions. Know exactly what has changed and where it changed.

Web and mobile applications

Ensure reliable customer experience

Get clear visibility into the visual impact of code changes on the user interface and provide a flawless experience to your users.

Real and virtual devices

Increase test coverage

Execute visual tests alongside functional tests to automatically detect visual and functional regressions in the same test run.

See Sauce Visual End-to-End Testing in Action

Learn how Sauce Visual end-to-end testing can help you simplify test automation while increasing test coverage and helping you deliver a flawless digital experience.

Additional features


Smart hybrid diff

Sauce Visual compares an image screenshot and DOM snapshot, reducing false positives and providing a deeper understanding of how the UI is structured.


Baseline branching and merging

Save time and optimize your workflow by automatically pulling in the initial baseline from the base branch and automatically accepting updates when merging to or from the base branch.


WebDriver integration

Integrate Sauce Visual into existing Selenium WebDriver tests, to perform both visual and functional tests in the same test run without additional test scripts.


CI integrations

Get continuous visual test automation when integrating Sauce Visual into your development process with popular CI tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, VSTS, and more.


Control what to ignore

Easily ignore specific visual changes during the review flows or exclude areas from the visual test.


Comparison modes

More control in what can be compared with 16 different comparison modes.

Developer Saucebot

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