API Testing with API Fortress

Web services and REST API testing

Minimize web services and API incidents in DevOps and CI/CD workflows with smarter feedback, simpler management and faster collaboration.

API Fortress

Achieve quality at speed. Transform SLA performance.

API Fortress and Sauce Labs empower DevOps teams of any size to accelerate releases with short testing sprints. No matter how complex integrations become, deliver continuous quality at speed with true hybrid UI and API testing. Gain centralized visibility, reporting, debugging, and testing management.

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Functional API Testing

Get started quickly by mass generating data-driven functional API tests. Or build functional tests with an IDE or scriptless Visual Composer. Validate the entire API consumer flow including side effects for more accurate and usable feedback.

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Functional Load Testing

Reuse functional tests as API functional load tests that capture E2E issues impacting performance. Isolate load issues in the API layer with detailed reporting, and accelerate debugging throughout the lifecycle.

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API Monitoring

Go beyond uptime monitoring to transform the SLA performance of internal and third-party APIs. Reuse API tests as functional uptime monitors that can be executed via a built-in scheduler for complete control of API monitoring in any environment.

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API Mocking

Leverage API mocking to kill pipeline dependencies, and shift API testing left as early as design. Write API tests in parallel with API development even when services are unavailable or rate limited. Build API mocks manually or automatically from live API traffic.

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Generate your first API test in minutes

Watch this short walk-thru video to get a quick overview of API Fortress.

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Best Practices Whitepaper

Continuous API Testing and Monitoring

Best Practices & Buy-In Guide

As a cloud-native platform, API Fortress integrates with the Sauce Labs DevOps Testing Toolchain to simplify QA for your entire team and organization. We invite you to download our best practices white paper to help ensure you make the best decisions as you move to hybrid UI and API testing.

Why API Fortress

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Step up to proactive data-driven end-to-end API testing that validates the entire API response and consumer flow. Expand positive and negative coverage, and capture real-world scenarios early in the life cycle. Minimize false-positives, and maintain test integrity throughout rapid iteration.

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Easily mass generate API functional tests from specs or collections, or by recording live API conversations. Build functional tests with unlimited assertions in an IDE or a scriptless Visual Composer. Mock APIs to kill pipeline dependencies for robust shift-left testing before APIs are available. Detect bugs early and diagnose the bugs quickly with detailed reporting.

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Democratize domain awareness throughout the SDLC by reusing existing functional tests as integration and functional load tests, or as functional uptime API monitors. Ensure that feedback loops are highly usable: know if issues are UI or API related right away. And gain deeper API observability to help diagnose external issues such as memory leaks and API security breaches.

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