All-in-One API Testing Platform

Inject API quality anywhere in the SDLC. Ensure quality at speed across all microservices. Automate with a CI/CD pipeline. Integrate with any toolchain.

API Testing with Sauce Labs
  • 50% reduction in issue detection and resolution in production.
  • 150% or greater reduction in API test cycles
  • 3.5 hours on average to train and onboard new Sauce Labs API Testing users

Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE: BR) Scales Test Automation and Monitoring for Microservices with Sauce Labs API Testing Platform

  • Significant improvement in release confidence
  • Enhanced visibility into historic trends for data-driven continuous improvement–improved ability to plan and release hundreds of microservices

"Sauce Labs API testing platform is the backbone of Broadridge's automated testing strategy."

–Sr. QA Director, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Fast Onboarding of Load, Contract, Integration, and Functional Tests

Fast Onboarding. Easy Test Creation.

Take step one with confidence: ensure robust API tests on a cross-team collaboration platform that is flexible for any API testing journey.

  • HTTP Client: Send requests (including authentication) and verify responses right away. Get started before APIs are available with the Sauce Labs API mocking server.
  • Import from OpenAPI or Postman Collections: Generate tests in Sauce Labs from spec files. Use a platform dedicated to testing for greater test speed, coverage, visibility and cost-effectiveness at scale.
  • Test Composer: Write API functional tests with no coding experience required. Chain the tests together into integration tests and reuse as load tests.
Scale Test Automation of CI/CD, Notifications, and Data Viz

Scalable Test Automation. Integrate into Any Toolchain.

Transform API confidence in all parts of the SDLC: eliminate common testing bottlenecks and achieve consistent quality at speed.

  • CI/CD Platforms
  • Notifications Platforms
  • Data Visualization Platforms
Dashboard, Vault, and SDLC Environments

Democratize Testing Insights. Streamline Collaboration.

Give teams across your organization a platform offering an easy path to robust API testing and best practices. Create and share reusable tests, variables, environments, snippets, and more in a centralized Vault with global and team-level managerial controls.

  • Dashboard
  • Vault
  • Environments

One Platform: API Testing, Monitoring and Insights

Functional Testing

Functional API Testing and Monitoring

Transform functional testing, business logic testing, and dynamic data-driven testing with API test automation. Achieve massive test scalability and speed. Automate via an onboard test scheduler or connect to any CI/CD platform. Debug in Sauce Labs or connect to any notifications and event management solution such as PagerDuty.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

API integration testing with Sauce Labs is very fast. Easily chain together functional tests into integration tests that accurately validate real user behavior almost immediately. As a platform, Sauce Labs allows you to collaborate on integration tests with other teams easily. Or you can reuse other tests, variables, snippets and environments to streamline end-to-end validations.

Load Testing

Performance Monitoring and Load Testing

Reuse functional tests as performance monitors or functional load tests that run in any environment. Increase release confidence knowing that any code changes will be almost instantly verified using function, integration, performance, and load tests.

Contract Testing with Mocking

Contract Testing with Mocking

Developers increasingly depend on specification files to define their API program. Sauce Labs allows developers to import OpenAPI spec files to generate contract tests to validate API producer and consumer transactions for compliance with the spec file. With the Sauce Labs platform, it's easy to start with a contract test and extend that test to also include functional elements.

Watch Our Contract Testing Demo

Start using Sauce Labs Contract Testing with Mocking in only minutes with this easy technical overview. See how quickly you can generate contract tests from OpenAPI spec files and easily extend contract tests into functional, integration and load tests.

Customer Success

  • 18.9m weekly tests executed on Sauce Labs platform on average
Furniture Store Ecommerce

Global Retailer Selects Sauce Labs API Testing for CI/CD

Pipeline and Microservices: 40% reduction in test times, 50% fewer incidents reaching production & 100% adoption of Sauce Labs API Testing across the organization

"We noticed a considerable increase in the quality of code released with the help of API Fortress. We love that their flexible platform makes it easy to integrate API testing into any workflow, any toolchain."

–Sander Rensen Lead Solutions PaaS Architect, Capgemi

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