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Posted October 27, 2021

Sauce Labs Expands Continuous Testing Cloud with API Testing and Monitoring


Integration with Sauce Connect enables developers and enterprises to protect sensitive API testing data and significantly improve quality throughout development, staging, and production

SAN FRANCISCO – October 27, 2021 – Sauce Labs Inc., the leading provider of continuous testing solutions, today announced the addition of API testing and monitoring to its continuous testing cloud. The new data-driven API testing and monitoring capabilities help agile and DevOps teams accelerate debugging and remediation, shortening release cycles and delivering continuous quality at speed. The new API testing capabilities on the Sauce Labs cloud fully integrate with Sauce Connect tunnels, enabling enterprises to more confidently test and monitor both internal and public APIs.

“As software development continues to evolve in the DevOps era, APIs have become the backbone of modern apps and web platforms, and targeted API testing should be a core component of any modern quality strategy, ” said Matt Wyman, chief product and growth officer, Sauce Labs. “With API testing now integrated into the Sauce Labs platform, testers and developers can gain immediate insight into how and when integrations break for streamlined diagnostics and debugging. The addition of API testing from our acquisition of API Fortress to the Sauce Labs continuous test cloud is a first step to deliver our vision of an integrated toolchain of solutions that accelerate the delivery of user value by providing capabilities to manage quality risk throughout the software lifecycle.”

As the number of APIs communicating with microservices in modern apps continues to increase, many bugs cannot be captured by UI testing alone. A legacy strategy that relies strictly on UI testing often leaves both developers and QA teams unable to determine if a functional test has failed due to a broken endpoint, API flow, or a bug in the application itself, in turn costing development teams valuable time and creating significant frustration as they work to identify the cause of the failure.

A comprehensive solution that helps increase confidence in API quality in every critical part of the API lifecycle, Sauce Labs API testing enables development and quality teams to:

  • Detect more API bugs and avoid false negatives. Expand observability with a complete range of coverage capabilities, including data-driven testing and positive/negative testing of endpoints and flows. Whether writing complex tests or instantly generating tests from spec files or payloads, users can ensure high observability in every test built by any stakeholder.

  • Debug and protect API testing data. Accelerate in-sprint debugging with detailed reporting and dashboards, while maintaining test data integrity and security with Sauce Connect tunnels.

  • Develop APIs in parallel with testing that accelerates workflows. Sauce API testing optimizes velocity by streamlining collaboration and giving developers detailed reporting in a unified dashboard, which also allows management to see exactly what teams are doing and understand quickly how test results are coming along.

  • Release APIs with greater confidence. Sauce Labs provides visibility across all of an organization’s API testing in a global view that remains accurate throughout rapid iteration. End-to-end tests can be reused as monitors that run continuously with refactoring in any environment with or without a CI/CD, thereby maintaining accurate and reliable feedback loops.

Pricing and availability

API testing and monitoring on the Sauce Labs cloud is available now. Customers using the Sauce Labs cloud can choose from a free tier with a limited number of API test executions as well as a paid tier featuring additional enterprise solutions and services. To learn more or get started with Sauce Labs API testing, go here.

About Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is the leading provider of continuous testing solutions that enable customers to deliver digital confidence. The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud delivers a 360-degree view of a customer’s application experience, ensuring that web and mobile applications look, function, and perform exactly as they should on every browser, OS, and device, every single time. Sauce Labs is a privately held company funded by Riverwood Capital, TPG, IVP, Centerview Partners, and Adams Street Partners. For more information, please visit

Oct 27, 2021
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