Jason Huggins: Fixing HealthCare.gov, One Test at a Time [MEETUP]

Posted Mar 24th, 2015

Jason Huggins

You may recall that our co-founder Jason Huggins took a leave of absence to help fix HealthCare.gov. He’ll be back on April 21 to talk about his experiences there at the next Selenium Meetup in San Francisco. RSVP before it fills up! Info below.

Date + Time: Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Location: If (we): 848 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA


In late 2013, Selenium creator Jason Huggins joined President Obama’s “tech surge” team to help fix HealthCare.gov. In D.C. during the height of the crisis in November and December 2013, Jason had a behind-the-scenes view into a unique period in American history when a website’s quality (or lack thereof) had the attention of the nation, the press, the President, and Congress.

In this talk, Jason will share some of his stories from the HealthCare.gov turnaround and the “HealthCare 2.0” effort in mid-2014. Jason will talk about the newly created U.S. Digital Services and how it was created out of the original HealthCare.gov crisis. He’ll also cover the U.S. Digital Services Playbook and what the role of automated testing and deployment will be in future U.S. Government projects.

Lastly, Jason will talk about opportunites for how Silicon Valley can help government build effective digital services in the future.


Jason is a software engineer living in Chicago. He started the Selenium project in 2004 at ThoughtWorks. He later joined Google to work on large-scale web testing for Gmail, Google Maps, and other teams. He left Google to co-found Sauce Labs as CTO to create a cloud-based Selenium service. In late 2013, Jason took leave from Sauce to help with the HealthCare.gov turnaround. He is also the creator of Tapster, a mobile app testing robot that’s been featured in Popular Science, Wired,Tech Crunch, and the MIT Technology Review.


6:30: Dinner & networking

7:00: Announcements

7:10: Speaker

8:45: Lights out!

Written by

Bill McGee