• No automated tests can be run
  • The wait time for a Virtual Machine (VM) is greater than 30 seconds
  • The Sauce Labs web site is unavailable
  • The Sauce Labs REST API is unavailable
  • Manual testing is unavailable
  • All uploads to Sauce Storage are failing (for all customers)
    • A Sauce Labs problem that is completely blocking a customer from releasing a new version of their web site or mobile application. All of the following must be true:
    • The same tests were working previously in production
    • Customer has made no changes to their tests
    • Customer has verified that the web site under test is up
    • Customer has verified that their Sauce Connect tunnel is up and has tried restarting Sauce Connect.
    • Customer has an imminent deploy to their Production web site or an imminent mobile app release that is blocked because of this.

A problem getting something to work for the first time cannot be Severity 1.


  • Urgent issue that does not qualify as Severity 1
  • Automated testing (for existing test suite) severely impacted
  • Significantly degraded performance for web site, manual testing
  • If you have a problem that is preventing you from meeting a deadline to get Sauce Labs up and running for the first time, you may classify it as a Severity 2, and we’ll do our best to resolve it quickly. However, Sauce Labs has some discretion to re-classify as Severity 3.


  • Problems with initial setup of CI / test runner / tests (trying to get things to work for the first time)
  • Questions about Sauce Labs functionality
  • User account and billing requests
  • Most other problems:
    • Intermittent test failures
    • Tests are running more slowly than they used to
    • Higher failure rate on a particular platform
  • Customer's mobile app crashes during tests
  • Anything else that does not qualify as Severity 1, 2, or 4


  • Documentation issues
  • Minor bugs, including cosmetic bugs
  • Requests for assistance with Selenium, third party tools / frameworks (Sauce Labs does not officially provide support for this, but we will try to point you in the right direction)