Getting Started with Selenium

A comprehensive guide to Selenium, the industry-standard open source testing framework.

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What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open source testing framework that software development and QA teams use to run fast and repeatable tests across browsers and operating systems. Because Selenium testing supports the most popular scripting languages (including Node.js, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and C#), users can run scripts with the languages they know best. Developers, QAs, SDETs, and project managers leverage Selenium to develop and review tests faster, speeding up time to market. Over the past twenty-plus years, Selenium has grown from a technology designed to drive a single browser and execute tests to a standard protocol for programs to interact with a browser as if they were a human, an in-browser test record/playback tool (Selenium IDE), a distributed computing grid to run multiple tests at the same time (Selenium Grid), and more. Selenium 4 allows developers and testers to write test scripts in different programming languages that can run across different operating systems and browsers without modification.

Benefits of Selenium testing

With Selenium, software developers and QA teams can test their web applications in a way that ensures every user has the same experience, regardless of what OS or browser version they’re using.

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Automates browsers

Selenium automates browsers—specifically, the human interactions associated with them, such as navigating to pages, clicking on elements, and typing text into input fields.


Each language binding and browser is actively being developed to stay current.

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Works across browsers

Selenium works on every major browser, in every main software programming language, and with every major operating system.

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Runs nearly everywhere

Selenium can run on a local computer, on a remote server, on a set of servers with Selenium Grid, or on a third-party cloud testing platform like Sauce Labs.

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Allows customized testing

Selenium makes it possible to write your own tests once, and run them across several browsers.

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Enables parallel testing

Selenium IDE allows developers to run multiple tests across multiple browsers and OS configurations at the same time. This helps to speed up testing and scale growing test suites.


Increase test efficiency and go to market faster

Software developers and QA teams can run code faster and more effectively while accelerating time to market with Selenium automation testing.

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