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Posted May 12, 2020

Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Benchmark Report 2020

Continuous testing is the key to unlocking digital confidence. How does your organization stack up?


Now in its second iteration, the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Benchmark Report details the best practices critical to successful continuous testing, and track organizations’ collective performance against those metrics. Based on real-customer data from the more than 3 billion tests run on the Sauce Labs platform, the 2020 Continuous Testing Benchmark is a community resource unlike any other. 

Download the full report today to learn:  

  • The performance benchmarks necessary to effectively deliver automated testing at enterprise scale 

  • How real-world organizations performed against those benchmarks, and how that performance improved since the first continuous testing benchmark report from 2019

  • How the performance of mobile tests compares to that of desktop tests 

  • Why poor test quality remains a challenge for most organizations, and why failure analysis holds great promise as a new resource to address it 

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