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Posted September 8, 2022

Mobile Test Automation Day Online: Preparing for The Future with Mobile Testing

The growing mobile market shows no signs of slowing down: Statista projects that 18.22 billion mobile devices will be connected by 2025, an increase of 4.2 billion compared to 2020. With soaring mobile device adoption and increasing user expectations, it’s more important than ever to build a robust mobile testing strategy. 


While mobile teams are acutely aware of the need for optimized testing, they face daunting challenges at each stage of the software development lifecycle. The increasing proliferation of tools, personas, and tests has created a complexity that can slow down development speed and make it difficult to account for the end-to-end customer experience.

Join Sauce Labs experts on September 27 for Mobile Test Automation Day Online: Preparing for The Future with Mobile Testing. This half-day virtual event will provide mobile testing tips, best practices, and actionable insights for mobile app development and testing teams working to build seamless and secure mobile apps in today’s digital-first world.

You will take away:

  1. How to create a winning mobile testing strategy by utilizing the mobile test pyramid v2.0 

  2. How you can reduce the total cost of ownership and eliminate the operational pain of maintaining devices on premises by adopting cloud-based real device testing

  3. How to optimize your mobile app lifecycle management to improve collaboration across personas and accelerate release velocity

  4. How to resolve mobile app test failures and errors faster with Sauce Labs’ most comprehensive suite of app diagnostic signals

Welcome to Test Automation Day

Hosted by Ashwini Sathe, Senior Product Marketing Manager 

To kick off Mobile Test Automation Day, we’ll share key insights on the rise of mobile, and  introduce you to our in-house experts, who will discuss how robust mobile testing can transform the customer experience.

How to Create a Winning Mobile Testing Strategy (Test Pyramid v2.0)

Hosted by Wim Selles, Lead Solution Architect

Test automation is mission-critical to releasing quality mobile apps faster. However, to win in a highly competitive market, teams should build a holistic mobile testing strategy that connects the customer experience to end-to-end testing. 

In this session, you will learn:

How mobile testing best practices can help you to test smarter and with precision, ensure coverage beyond the pre-production phase, and validate the customer experience throughout your testing.

Optimize your Mobile App Lifecycle Management

Hosted by Mike Donovan, VP of Product, Test Automation

With more people and tools invested in the software development lifecycle, the complexity of mobile app lifecycle management continues to increase, bogging down the development velocity.

In this session, you will learn:

How you can solve collaboration challenges across different persona in mobile app development, eliminate bottlenecks to achieve faster development velocity, and level-up your mobile app beta testing strategy. 

Why a Real Device Testing Cloud is Good for Your Business

Hosted by Ryan Vesely, VP, Global Solution Engineering

Between the modern remote/hybrid workforce and constantly evolving mobile landscape, maintaining physical and on-premise mobile devices is posing an increasing risk to organizations. Refusing to adapt to a cloud-based solution slows down app releases and can negatively impact your bottom line.In this session, you will learn:How cloud-based real device testing can reduce the total cost of ownership by 3X to 5X, eliminate the operational pain of maintenance and updates, and drive team productivity to deliver better and faster mobile app releases.

Resolve Mobile App Test Failures and Errors Faster

Hosted by Lina Farid, Group Product Manager, Mobile

To ship quality code at a higher release velocity, developers need the tools and capabilities that help them identify the root cause of test failures and errors in code, faster.

In this session, you will learn:

How Sauce Labs mobile app diagnostics helps developers adopt test signals across the SDLC, capture network issues, get complete context on errors, and understand the application behavior.

About the Speakers

Wim Selles


Wim Selles, currently serving as Staff Product Manager Mobile at Sauce Labs, has a 12-year track record in automation engineering. His history with Sauce Labs dates back to 2018, beginning as a Senior Solution Architect. A longtime Appium advocate, he is well-versed in helping customers navigate the maze of automation issues. Intrigued by the mobile space, Wim regularly undertakes his own technical investigations and even codes his own apps, aiming to fully grasp the challenges developers encounter.

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Mike Donovan

Mike Donovan


Mike Donovan is VP of Product at Sauce Labs, where he oversees the Sauce Labs Mobile and Desktop testing solutions. Starting his career as a Software Engineer 15 years ago, Mike has built web and mobile applications for the likes of Mastercard, Comcast, and Verizon. He then set his sights on entrepreneurship, helping scale Engineering, Product, and Design for startups in Washington, DC. At Sauce Labs, Mike has found a home building the next generation of developer tools as well as creating a great product culture. When he is not at work you can find him brewing beer, mountain biking, or chasing his kids around the house.

Ryan Vesely yellow background

Ryan Vesely


Ryan Vesely is the Vice President of Global Solution Engineering at Sauce Labs. In this role, he leads teams focused on ensuring the customer sees value from the very beginning in the technical sale all the way through to implementation and support. He has been with Sauce Labs since 2017, prior to which he led teams at Salesforce and New Relic.

Lina Farid

Lina Farid


Lina is a Product Manager who’s always enthusiastic to build products that solve problems of technical personas. She currently works with Sauce Labs’ mobile teams in Germany and focuses with her team on creating the next-generation of tools and signals to help anyone in testing ensure the best possible customer experience.

Ashwini Sathe

Ashwini Sathe


Ashwini Sathe is a product marketing professional and go-to-market strategy expert with experience in launching technology solutions in the software testing, RPA, and AI space. In her current role as the senior product marketing manager at Sauce Labs, she collaborates cross-functionally to understand customer needs and define compelling product narratives. Her goal is to bring innovative solutions to the market that help businesses to deliver the best possible digital experiences.

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Sep 8, 2022
Webinar Date:
Sep 27 3:00PM (UTC+00:00)
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