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Posted March 3, 2022

Test Smarter, Not Harder: Scaling Test Automation with API and Visual Testing

Learn how to automate the creation of UI, API, and Visual tests to accelerate a path to scalable test automation.

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Test Smarter, Not Harder: Scaling Test Automation with API and Visual Testing

Is your test automation strategy keeping up with the increasing pace of delivery your development teams need? Daily or even hourly deployments are becoming the new normal, as companies strive to deliver the delightful digital experiences their customers have come to expect. And to meet those high expectations, your team needs the combined power of quality and speed to deploy better apps, faster.

Automated UI testing provides a good baseline, covering front-end functionality. But without additional testing tools in your SDLC toolkit, bugs will inevitably slip through the cracks, slowing down your development cycle, adding to your backlog, and ultimately disappointing your users.

The addition of API and Visual testing significantly improves coverage, scalability, and visibility. This helps teams increase regression testing with existing IT resources and accelerate functional, business logic, and integration test automation - and frees engineers to focus on innovation and quality at speed.

In this webinar, Sauce Labs Chief Customer Officer Matt Wyman discuss the need for quality at speed in today's digital-first world, and explore current trends in test automation. Sauce experts then provide a deeper dive into the use cases and benefits of both API testing and visual testing, and show how you can easily integrate these solutions to scale your test automation.

Key takeaways:

  • How to automate the creation of UI, API, and Visual tests to accelerate a path to scalable test automation

  • How adding visual testing can improve functional tests by providing more coverage with less code

  • How API testing increases test visibility and scalability, increasing developer and release confidence

  • How to implement API testing and Sauce Visual as a current Sauce user

About the Speakers

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Matt Wyman


As a twenty-year veteran of entrepreneurship, Matt has partnered to develop multiple startups into stable value centers in both the Head of Engineering and Head of Product roles. Matt’s passion is with forward-leaning technology and the application of lean practices in product, data, and design. DevOps is near and dear to Matt’s heart. Matt lives in Half Moon Bay and loves to mountain bike and play tabletop games with his family.

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Sangit Patel

Sangit Patel


Sangit is an engineer by trade, but after some time growing in the adtech industry he saw an opportunity to shift towards a more client facing role. In doing so, he realized his passion for bridging the technical side with the business side. Sangit used this passion to help multiple startups double in size and revenue. His professional experiences have all brought him where he is today. As Solution Engineering Team Lead at Sauce Labs, Sangit works with clients and business partners to improve their API testing.

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Kunal Jain

Kunal Jain


Kunal is Director of Product at Sauce Labs. Previously, he worked at CircleCI where he was responsible for the developer experience and insights offerings. Besides shipping capabilities to customers, he was part of the end of life initiative to decommission CircleCI’s older platform. Before CircleCI, he was at ThoughtWorks where he played multiple roles (quality analyst, agile coach, and product manager) across multiple geographic locations. When he is not at work, you can find him hiking somewhere in the Bay Area, making coffee, or planning his next trip.

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Mar 3, 2022
Webinar Date:
Mar 3 5:00PM (UTC+00:00)
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