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Posted June 17, 2014

Practical Tips and Tricks for Selenium Test Automation 2!

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Practical Tips and Tricks for Selenium Test Automation 2!

Already using Selenium but have some unanswered questions? Want to learn how to use Selenium like a pro?

Join Dave Haeffner as he shares the best and most useful tips and tricks from his weekly Selenium tip newsletter, read by thousands of testing professionals. If you're already using Selenium and looking for a way to take your automated testing practice to the next level, then attend this web seminar and learn how to:

  • Work with A/B testing (most notably, how to opt out of it)

  • Test file downloads (both the easy way and the hard way)

  • Add robust debugging output to your tests

  • Include visual testing to your existing Selenium tests

  • Repurpose your Selenium scripts to build an initial load testing suite

  • ...and a whole lot more!

Jun 17, 2014
Webinar Date:
Jun 17 7:00AM (UTC+00:00)
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