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Posted August 11, 2023

Optimizing Mobile Application Testing: Reduce Costs and Release Faster

Discover streamlined mobile testing optimization through a cloud-based solution that overcomes device challenges, coverage limitations, and maintenance burdens, ultimately reducing costs and boosting release efficiency for heightened customer satisfaction.


Optimizing Mobile Application Testing: Reduce Costs and Release Faster

Hosted by Wim Selles, Staff Product Manager Mobile, Sauce Labs

This session explores how to optimize your mobile test infrastructure enabling you to achieve more with less. We explore the challenges of procuring and distributing mobile devices, limitations of local testing, and the risks of insufficient coverage. You'll learn how a cloud-based solution that eliminates the maintenance burden and operational costs of an on-premise infrastructure can reduce costs, accelerate release cycles all while increasing customer satisfaction. Come explore how optimizing your mobile application testing will result in cost reductions, improvement in efficiency, and overall enhancements to your testing capabilities.

Optimizing Mobile Application Testing: Reduce Costs and Release Faster


Wim Selles


Wim Selles, currently serving as Staff Product Manager Mobile at Sauce Labs, has a 12-year track record in automation engineering. His history with Sauce Labs dates back to 2018, beginning as a Senior Solution Architect. A longtime Appium advocate, he is well-versed in helping customers navigate the maze of automation issues. Intrigued by the mobile space, Wim regularly undertakes his own technical investigations and even codes his own apps, aiming to fully grasp the challenges developers encounter.

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