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Posted March 24, 2020

How to Overcome Missing Appium Functionality

After this webinar, you will look at your automation tasks with different eyes. You'll be equipped to make effective decisions when it comes to test automation, and you'll learn to think differently when you need to automate missing Appium functionality.

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How to Overcome Missing Appium Functionality

When we need to automate iOS and Android apps, Appium comes in handy because it gives us the opportunity to create cross platform scripts. Almost all Appium commands can be used for iOS and Android, which can be found in the Appium documentation. But what if you start using Appium to automate more specific cases? What if you need to use commands that are only available for one of the platforms?

In this webinar, Wim Selles, Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, will look at how to deal with such situations. We will look at:

  • Common situations where we miss cross platform support

  • The reasons why you really need to automate specific cases

  • How to overcome the missing Appium functionality

Mar 24, 2020
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