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Posted August 14, 2020

How Open Source Helps Bring Back Product Obsession (EMEA)

Did you know that one of the Sauce Labs co-founders created Selenium and that Appium was incubated in Sauce Labs? Open source is in our DNA!

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How Open Source Helps Bring Back Product Obsession

SWOD8wgFTeEWhen a company relies heavily on open source, it is a common practice to develop strategies and long term goals to manage the relationship between the company’s products and the open source ecosystem. We created the Open Source Program Office to:

  • Make sure the important open source projects for Sauce are in a healthy state

  • Motivate all Sauce Labs employees to consume and contribute to OSS in a simple, secure and healthy way

  • Facilitate communication between product and the open source ecosystem

  • Bring developers closer to the community to enable innovation and product obsession

  • Shape and build important standards for Sauce Labs, such as WebDriver, in collaboration with other open source groups

This talk will show how we are doing all this in small steps, planning for the long run and involving all teams to increase the sense of belonging of OSS. And more importantly, it will show why having an open source strategy matters, and how can this benefit everyone in the long term.

Key Takeaways

  • Why Sauce Labs created the Open Source Program Office, current projects and vision for the future

  • Why having a healthy open source ecosystem matters and how that can help your organization down the road

  • How open source can motivate teams to develop a product obsession

About the Speakers

Christian Bromann

Christian Bromann


Christian is a member of the Open Source Program Office at Sauce Labs and is working on various open source projects related to test automation and Node.js. He represents the company as Advisory Committee representative at the W3C and the WebdriverIO project as core contributor in the OpenJS Foundation Cross-Project Council.

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Diego Molina

Diego Molina


Diego is a Software Engineer and a Selenium core committer. He loves enabling testers by creating helpful testing tools and infrastructure and delivering versatile Selenium trainings and workshops.

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Aug 14, 2020
Webinar Date:
Sep 3 8:00AM (UTC+00:00)
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