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Posted April 27, 2022

Driving Test Automation to the Next Level

Understand the critical elements necessary to achieve and optimize test automation for increased speed, coverage, and quality.

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Driving Test Automation to the Next Level

Automated testing is crucial to deliver better software. In today’s competitive business environment, enterprises and organizations need to assess the best way to implement test automation for their different projects to realize the complete value of automated software testing.

In the company of two test automation industry leaders, take a closer look at the critical elements to achieving and optimizing test automation for increased speed, coverage, and quality. Hear how EPAM and Sauce Labs have joined forces to help organizations get from code to value fast, with investments in test automation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every experience matters, and your strategy for software delivery needs to address how you ensure they are as perfect as possible.

  • Having the right people, process, and technologies in place will help drive your strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • It's ok to start small and work toward a larger picture.

  • You're not alone. Every successful software company has gone through these same stages.

About the Speakers

Ryan Vesely yellow background

Ryan Vesely


Ryan Vesely is the Vice President of Global Solution Engineering at Sauce Labs. In this role, he leads teams focused on ensuring the customer sees value from the very beginning in the technical sale all the way through to implementation and support. He has been with Sauce Labs since 2017, prior to which he led teams at Salesforce and New Relic.

Max Schultz

Max Schultz


Max leads QA services at EPAM, an S&P500 listed software engineering firm with 10k full-time QA professionals and 400k crowdtesters. He is focused on building testing products, communities and service offerings that meet the ever evolving needs of the 1000+ software companies EPAM serves. He came to EPAM in 2019 via acquisition of Test IO, where he led the North America business.

Apr 27, 2022
Webinar Date:
Apr 19 5:00PM (UTC+00:00)
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