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Posted November 8, 2017

Cucumber and Sauce Labs: A Non-Compromise Duo

See how to build cross-platform, cross-device, cross-application tests, all using open source components & executed on a cross device-farm solution.

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Cucumber and Sauce Labs: A Non-Compromise Duo

Nowadays developing apps, or any other software requires a smart testing approach. Usually, it means some form of compromise - changing a tool, framework or learning a different approach. What if it was possible not to make compromises, use your skills and tools you know and love?

It is. FOB Solutions managed to run one test across simulators, emulators as well as Android and iOS devices using Cucumber and Cify open-source test automation framework.

Learn how you can build cross-platform, cross-device, cross-application tests with Marko Konsa.

Here are the main takeaways:

Building cross-platform test automation framework

  • More similar user flows on software built on different platforms

  • For underlying technologies we chose to use open source components: Appium, Selenium, Cucumber, Groovy/Java, Gradle

Using cross-platform test automation framework

  • Behaviour-driven approach - building tests using cucumber

  • UI types/different screen sizes

Executing cucumber level tests on cross device-farm approach using a Sauce Labs example

  • Executing same tests on different device farms (Sauce Labs/ TestObject)

  • Integrating cucumber with Sauce Labs/ TestObject

Nov 8, 2017
Webinar Date:
Nov 8 7:00AM (UTC+00:00)
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