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Posted June 28, 2024

Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Benchmark Report

Continuous testing is the key to unlocking digital confidence. How does your organization stack up?


It's no secret that quality digital experiences are key to business success. But the path to delivering quality software consistently might seem elusive. That’s where continuous testing comes in. As a core component of DevOps, continuous testing maintains an active and constant feedback loop, ensuring quality digital experiences.

In the latest release of Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Benchmark Report, explore how leading businesses achieve software quality through continuous testing. Analyzing data from 100,000 customers, this report provides actionable insights across three key metrics:

  • Test Quality: High pass rates in testing are critical for fast-paced development cycles. Aiming for 90% or higher ensures your software is dependable and market-ready.

  • Test Run Time: Speed is everything. Our findings show that shorter test times lead to higher success rates, setting two minutes as the gold standard for optimal feedback loops.

  • Test Platform Coverage: With countless device and operating system combinations available, extensive coverage is critical to ensure a seamless experience across platforms.

Are you curious about how your testing strategies compare to industry leaders? Access our report today to gain insights that can transform your testing strategy.

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