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Posted January 11, 2022

Windows 11 Now Available on Sauce Labs


We are excited to announce that Windows 11 is now available on Sauce Labs to run tests using Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium Edge. As your team looks to accelerate automated testing by running tests in parallel, Sauce Labs gives you the ability to test against the most recent version of every operating system, ensuring that you're maximizing your OS and browser coverage.

Windows 11 is now available on Sauce for Live Testing and for tests that are using Sauce Connect, with other features such as mobile and visual testing coming later. Providing comprehensive browser and OS coverage gives you and your team the ability to release and update software that looks, functions, and performs exactly as it should on every browser, operating system and device, every single time.

Here is a sample test capability to run a test using Windows 11 with the latest version of Chrome:

capabilities = { 'platformName': 'Windows 11', 'browserName': 'googlechrome', 'browserVersion': 'latest', 'sauce:options': {} }

Looking for other capabilities combinations? Head on over to the platform configurator.

Sauce Labs understands that giving you the ability to test against the latest operating systems and browsers is the only way to ensure that your web applications work for all of your customers, no matter what browser or operating system they may be using. While it may seem like Windows 11 is not the OS that the majority of your customers are using, just one bad experience with an app or website that doesn't work as intended can lead to customer churn, lost revenue, and damage to your brand.

This is why Sauce Labs provides the opportunity to make sure whenever you update your web applications, you can automatically test on the most recent major version of whatever OS you need. Adding this practice ensures that your application can be tested on every new browser and operating system as they come out, giving you the coverage and confidence you need to release high quality applications.

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