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Posted May 4, 2017

The Sauce Labs Slack Integration

Simplify Collaboration with Sauce and Slack


At Sauce Labs, we are heavy users of Slack, and since our teams are broadly distributed (Berlin, Vancouver & SF) most of our discussions happen over chat.  Since we test and use Sauce just like you do, we share a lot of test data internally with developers, operations, support, sales engineers and customer success.

Every test on Sauce Labs has a unique URL, and in many cases, members of our team simply paste the link of the test in question and ‘Slack it’ to collaborators to help with the investigation.  We noticed a similar pattern across many of our customers, and today we are launching a new Slack app that provides users with all of the important test information directly in the conversation.

Once the app is installed, users simply include the URL of the test they ran on Sauce, and our chat buddy will present all of the associated metadata  (status, owner, duration & platform combination), and links to all of the assets right below it.

Sound interesting? Check out our docs pages for details and follow the installation instructions below to get started.

Installation Instructions

  • Install the plugin into your channel by clicking on this button:    

  • Provide your user credentials once prompted (Sauce Labs username and access key) 

You can check our out all our integrations here.  And, If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to

Happy Testing,

The Sauce Labs Team

May 4, 2017
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