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Posted May 17, 2016

The Benefits of Mobile Cloud Testing


Modern testers and quality assurance managers are facing modern problems – several testing teams locally or in different offices, unreliable testing infrastructure, many potential testing devices and agile development process that requires continuous testing. This is just a tip of an iceberg and we could list the pain points, but it’s always better to find a solution to a problem and we’ve found one. Mobile cloud testing not only solves all these problems but also allows to build an effective app testing platform to prevent further issues.

So how mobile cloud testing addresses all those issues?

A lot has been said about Android fragmentation, and it’s definitely something that causes headaches to all mobile app testers and QA teams. Buying hundreds of devices is not only expensive but also creates more potential issues like device storage and maintenance. On the other hand there are emulators and simulators, but setting them up is not really easier and there is still maintenance. Mobile cloud testing allows accessing hundreds of devices, multiple operating systems and several versions of the OS.

Nowadays everything is more global, different teams in several locations with more and more people working remotely. Not to mention that there might be few dev teams working on a number of projects – all that require continuous testing. Building a smoothly working system can be a big challenge. Here again, mobile cloud testing seems to be a perfect solution. You can compare it to a Google Docs, where everyone has access to different documents (projects), can see what others are doing and how the progress is going. Communication is no longer a problem and further execution is even easier with Jira and Github integration.

Increasing number of companies are trying to fit into a new agile development process. Constant development and release has to be equipped with a similar testing process to ensure the best possible quality of the product. Unfortunately manual testing in-house cannot perform all the necessary tests quickly enough. Thanks to automated testing in the cloud, testers can run parallel tests on several devices in the same time significantly cutting down testing time and shortening the app’s release cycle.

May 17, 2016
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