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Posted July 9, 2020

Tech Tip: Pointing Your Automated Tests to Sauce


So you’ve realized the benefits of test automation. Through your own research, or perhaps a small proof of concept, you’ve realized removing once-manual quality processes can accelerate release cycles and improve your user experience. You’ve built a small suite of tests, and the benefits are real. The next step in your journey, you realize, is to achieve the real value of automation, which means running it continuously and at scale. 

Our customers run millions of tests per day on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud to ensure that they are delivering flawless web and mobile experiences to their customers, and all without sacrificing speed. But for teams who are considering using their existing tests to scale their automated testing strategy, they often wonder, “What about the tests I already have?” At first glance, it seems that reconfiguring your tests to run in the cloud is a long and time-intensive process. But fortunately, it’s straightforward and fairly simple!

If you’re new to Sauce Labs, or are considering trying out our 14-day free trial, we have a number of resources available to help. In our newest Tech Tip video, Sauce Labs senior solution engineer Ian Flanagan shows you how to update your current automated tests to run in the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud. 

In this video, Ian shows you how to quickly retrieve your Sauce Labs access key and easily point your tests to Sauce Labs using short Protractor and Java demos (although we support lots of other popular programming languages, too!). 

For further information on getting started, you can always reference our documentation, which includes tons of code samples to get you started. 

Good luck, and happy testing! 

Jul 9, 2020
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