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Posted June 5, 2020

Standing Together Against Racism

Sauce Labs CEO Aled Miles shares his thoughts on recent events and on our role in fighting racial injustice.



This continues to be a deeply troubling time. The murder of George Floyd—at the hands of individuals who are supposed to serve and protect—has once again laid bare the systemic racism embedded in our society. We must also remember Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Trayvon Martin, and so many more.

It is a tragedy that it takes a tragedy to get us all to stop and think. We join the millions expressing their outrage; our company firmly stands against injustice and racism. It has rightly caused us to look inward, and in doing so it is clear to me that while diversity lives and thrives in Sauce Labs, it is not present in all areas of the company. There is much more we can and should do to nurture and foster diverse leadership in a meaningful and conscientious way.

We recognize that we need to create an environment for safe and open discussions, increase our collective education, and that it is important for our leaders to keep those discussions going even when matters of racial injustice are not making headlines. We need to talk about this without fear, knowing that we can and will make mistakes and learn from them with the compassion of our colleagues. In doing so, we can build the foundation to inform our present and help create a better future, one where Black Lives Matter.

Earlier today, I hosted an all-hands where I talked to the Sauce team about actions that we as a company can take right now. We will make a donation and match employee contributions to causes that address racial justice, while also offering our free Open Sauce testing plan to these same organizations.

In the longer term, we will be closely evaluating our recruiting practices and our approach to diversity and inclusion at all levels in the company.

And while we iron out our plans, we will not stand idle and silent in the face of racism. We condemn any actions and policies that would deny anyone the fundamental right to live a life free of fear and oppression.

As we move toward healing, my heart remains heavy with sadness and anger, but also full of hope for progress and the willingness to do the hard work that lies ahead. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with comments or questions as we move forward:

Aled Miles red background
President and CEO, Sauce Labs
Jun 5, 2020
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