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Posted August 20, 2021

Sauce Labs Partners with Savex Technologies to Distribute AutonomIQ Scriptless Test Automation in India

Savex Technologies is Sauce Labs' new distributor of AutonomIQ scriptless test automation in India.


This week, we finalized our strategic partnership with Savex Technologies to act as Sauce Labs’ distributor in India. Although the partnership will initially focus on distribution of AutonomIQ—Sauce Labs’ recently acquired scriptless test automation solution that leverages powerful AI and ML capabilities to help users quickly and easily create and execute tests for modern low-code applications—we look forward to expanding it over time to include other Sauce Labs solutions as well. 

In India and across the world, the demand for low-code testing solutions that utilize AI and ML to accelerate test creation and execution is stronger than ever.  We are excited to partner with Savex to help enterprise customers across India get started. Savex and Sauce Labs are a great pairing. The Savex team has 35 years of distribution experience and a deep understanding of the Indian market. Combined with Sauce Labs’ strong channel focus and partner support system, we are confident that this partnership will help us expand our footprint in India and help even more customers achieve their testing and quality objectives. 

We look forward to collaborating with the Savex team and working together to drive value with AI-driven Saas app testing. For more information, read Savex’s recent press release about our partnership. 

Aug 20, 2021
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