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Posted May 8, 2020

SauceCon 2020 Speaker Profile - Dylan Lacey


One thing we’re particularly proud of around here is our team of automated testing experts and open source contributors. We’ve got a whole team of people who eat, sleep, and breathe testing—and love to share their knowledge with others. We continue this series with our very own Dylan Lacey.


Software engineer Dylan Lacey works on the Sauce Labs support team, helping customers solve problems and troubleshoot integrations and test failures. He works with many customers on their testing, and as a result, Dylan has many opinions and best practices to share. Let’s meet Dylan and hear more in this short video (spoiler alert: your tests are too long!): 

As an avid home cook, he loves creating and transforming ingredients. At this year’s SauceCon Online, Dylan will talk about the ingredients and mystic secrets behind the internet in his session entitled “The Internet is Magic And You Can be a Wizard.”  He will dissect how websites are typically built, doing a whirlwind tour of the tools and technologies, and attendees will learn how to unlock the arcane language of these connections and gain the ability to diagnose why things go wrong, when they go wrong.

When he’s not working, Dylan has an impressive list of hobbies and leisure activities. He loves cooking, has a tragic amount of cookbooks, and even cooks live on Twitch twice a week! He also keeps bees, makes his own mead and cheese, writes short stories, and is an amateur leatherworker. He also plays games, goes camping and spends time with his cat. 

Hear from Dylan and many other expert speakers at SauceCon Online May 12 and 14. To see the full agenda and register for free, visit the SauceCon website.

May 8, 2020
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