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Posted April 21, 2011

Sauce OnDemand Cloud Service Eclipses Five Million Successful Selenium Tests


Agile Development and QA Teams Drive Demand for Cross-browser Testing Service

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (April 21, 2011) -- Sauce Labs, the web application testing company, today announced it has exceeded five million completed Selenium tests in the company’s cloud-based Sauce OnDemand service. This milestone is a testament to the ease-of-use and value of the service, which enables QA and development teams to test web application functionality across all popular browsers without the need to maintain complex testing infrastructure.

“The combination of cloud computing and deep Selenium expertise at Sauce Labs is unlocking the power of automated testing with Selenium for our customers.” said John Dunham, CEO of Sauce Labs. “Our arrival at the five million test milestone proves QA and development teams crave an easier, more scalable testing service to meet their Agile development needs.” Reaching the 5,000,000 test milestone comes after a flurry of automated testing advancements and contributions to the Selenium community by Sauce Labs, including:

  • OnDemand support for Selenium 2 – allows Selenium to work more tightly with browsers, offering high fidelity emulation of interactions such as clicking and typing so QAs and developers can ensure the functioning of their web applications across the diverse base of browsers in use today.

  • Sauce Builder and Se Builder open source contribution – Sauce Builder the easiest to use web-based Selenium tool of its kind, because it allows users to build automated Selenium tests simply by clicking through an application. It includes technology Sauce Labs acquired from in 2010. After becoming more familiar with the technology, Sauce Labs elected to open source the code under the name “Se Builder” earlier this year because it holds so much promise for the Selenium community.

Sauce OnDemand includes productivity enhancing features for QA and development teams such as Sauce TV, a live, secure view into tests as they run, and an array of plug-ins for popular tools like Hudson, Bamboo and Flex. Sauce Labs offers free full-featured OnDemand accounts that include 200 testing minutes per month.

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Apr 21, 2011
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