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Posted November 4, 2010

Sauce Labs - OnDemand Testing Service on EC2


Jeff Barr of Amazon Web Services Blogs About Sauce Labs

Late last month I spent some time on the phone with John Dunham and Steve Hazel of Sauce Labs to learn more about their Sauce OnDemand testing service. The product is built around the popular Selenium testing tool and can actually make use of existing Selenium scripts for functionality and performance testing. John and Steve said that I can think of it as "robotically controlled browsers as a service."

We talked about the fact that the cloud is the natural place for testing resources, since the amount of usage within a particular organization is subject to extreme fluctuations. John told me that the dedicated test resources in a typical organization are idle 99% of the time. This inefficient use of capital is of great concern to CIOs and CTOs, since the return on idle resources is zero.

Nov 4, 2010
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