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Posted February 20, 2020

Sauce Connect and Sauce Visual Integration


We’re excited to share that starting up Sauce Connect Proxy, our secure tunnel connection, with Sauce Visual just got easier—and is available for immediate use.

What is Sauce Connect Proxy?

Sauce Connect Proxy is a built-in HTTP proxy server that opens a secure "tunnel" connection for testing between a Sauce Labs virtual machine and an application hosted on your local computer ("localhost") or behind a corporate firewall. It provides a means for Sauce Labs to access your application or website.

Using Sauce Connect is not required and only necessary when you need to access your website or app located on a private network that is not publicly accessible. 

You can learn more about Sauce Connect in our Cookbook

Why was this integration built?

This integration was implemented to simplify using Sauce Connect with Sauce Visual and to improve the developer experience. In order to use Sauce Connect previously, a user would need to download the Sauce Connect client, learn how to configure it, launch it separately, and then manage the tunnels themselves.

Now, instead of doing all the steps above, Sauce Connect is built into screener-runner and screener-storybook modules and can be enabled with a single configuration update. It will automatically download, connect/disconnect, create separate tunnels for each build, and validate the user’s test configurations to reduce potential mistakes. 

How to use this feature

To get started, update to the latest version of screener-runner or screener-storybook. And then, in screener.config.js file, add: “launchSauceConnect: true”  to sauce options, and you’re set. This is only available when using Sauce Labs browsers.

sauce: {

  username: 'sauce_user',

  accessKey: 'sauce_access_key',

  maxConcurrent: 10, // optional available concurrency you have from Sauce Labs

  launchSauceConnect: true // optional,


For additional details, check out the documentation.

Feb 20, 2020
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