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Posted July 27, 2019

Safari Browser Emulator


Accelerate Your Tests with Automated Safari Testing

Today’s web applications are complex and sophisticated.  While web browsers have evolved, many older browsers often have trouble displaying graphics and apps that modern web pages use. This is why testing your web pages is necessary to ensure that it will render properly across all the different web browsers, operating systems, and monitor sizes that your visitors are likely to use. To do this effectively you need access to a wide variety of browsers and OSes to test on.  Most only test on PCs, but Macs are increasingly important so testing on Safari browsers is important to give them a quality experience. This is where Sauce Labs comes in with over 800+ browsers / OS combinations (covering Apple Macs and PCs) available to test on instantly in the Cloud.

Sauce Labs provides Safari browser emulators for all versions of the Safari browser from version 5 to the latest beta and dev releases so you can be sure your app works on whatever version your users have.

Sauce Labs offers:

  • Automated testing across all versions of Safari from 5 to beta and dev versions

  • Cross platform testing across MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android

  • Detailed logs videos and debugging tools to identify issues fast

  • Highly scalable so you can run tests in parallel and reduce your testing time by up to 10x.

To learn more about Safari browser testing on Sauce Labs, sign up for a free trial today.

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Sauce Labs
Jul 27, 2019
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