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Posted January 20, 2010

Ridiculously easy cross-browser testing with Sauce IDE


Riding on the coattails of yesterday's official Selenium IDE 1.0.4 release, we're very excited to announce Sauce IDE 1.0 (beta 1). Sauce IDE is Sauce Labs’ certified, enhanced and commercially-supported version of Selenium IDE.With Sauce IDE, we've made cross-browser cloud testing ridiculously easy. After you record a test in Sauce IDE, you're only one click away from replaying that test on any major browser on Windows or Linux. Sauce IDE allows users to tap directly into our Sauce OnDemand cloud-hosted Selenium service while getting access to a sophisticated Selenium test infrastructure without having to build and maintain the infrastructure yourself.

Another really cool feature is video recording and playback. With every browser test you run with Sauce IDE on the Sauce OnDemand cloud, you can view or download a full screen video of your test.

Sauce IDE is a plugin for Firefox, and we've also included Firefox 3.6 support in our latest release.

- Jason Huggins

Jan 20, 2010
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