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Posted February 3, 2020

Open Source Performance Testing Tools for Mobile Applications


Make Sure Your Mobile App is Bug-Free With Open Source Automated Testing Tools

The mobile app development world is rapidly expanding, and staying ahead of the competition means creating, testing, and releasing apps and updates faster than ever. But simply being faster isn't enough, your app also has to be error-free and user-friendly. Automated testing is clearly the way to go, and open source testing has the advantages of a large support community and lower costs, but maintaining an in-house testing grid is expensive. Outsourcing your testing is an option, but the security of your product must be assured. At Sauce Labs we understand the demands of today's mobile app market, which is why we offer the fastest, most secure automated app testing available.

Sauce Labs runs over a million cloud-based tests every day with Selenium and Appium - open source testing frameworks. Like Selenium for web apps, Appium utilizes the WebDriver API so you don't have to write different test scripts for every environment, and it can test apps written in a variety of languages like Python, Ruby, C#, and JavaScript. And Sauce Connect, our secure TLS technology, allows you to run your Appium tests directly from your CI/CD server.

Why choose Sauce Labs for automated mobile app testing?

  • Coverage - over 800 different browser/OS combos means your app will run bug-free in any user environment

  • Native app testing - test native, web and hybrid mobile apps automatically in our cloud

  • Security - we encrypt all data and test communications with Sauce Connect, our TLS Tunnel

  • Scale - our testing cloud runs tests in parallel to reduce testing time and can accommodate even the largest testing volume

Start your free trial with Sauce Labs and test your mobile apps with Appium today!

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