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Posted December 7, 2021

macOS Monterey with Safari 15 Now Available on Sauce Labs


We’re excited to announce that Sauce Labs now supports macOS 12 Monterey with Safari 15. You can now begin testing this new Safari and macOS version with Automated Testing, Live Testing, and Sauce Connect. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Chromium Edge are also available for testing on macOS 12 Monterey. The new macOS comes with multiple features that make for a greater Mac experience, including a redesigned Safari, a shortcuts app, a new Focus mode, QuickNotes, Airplay to Mac, Universal Control to work well across multiple Apple devices, and many more.

Apple has redesigned the Safari user interface in macOS 12, iOS and iPadOS 15, along with adding Tab Groups and customization sync. The macOS 12 Monterey update also has Safari with a new look and feel with features like synchronized home page settings and security enhancements related to HTTPS protocol. Now you can also perform real-time testing of your website, web app, and others to make sure that they’re working properly across all Safari versions.

Here are the recommended capabilities to use to ensure your tests are always running on the latest Safari version available:

{ 'browserName': 'safari', 'browserVersion': 'latest', 'sauce:options': {} }

Omitting ‘platformName’ capability allows you to always be on the latest version of Safari regardless of macOS. Having a macOS specified will limit your Safari only to the version available on that corresponding macOS.

Here is another example of test capabilities you can use to test Safari 15:

{ 'browserName': 'safari', 'browserVersion': '15', 'sauce:options': {} }

No need to specify a point version, you will get the latest point version available on Sauce Labs just by using the major version in your capabilities!

To test other browsers available on macOS 12 Monterey, here is an example set of test capabilities:

{ 'browserName': 'googlechrome', 'browserVersion': 'latest', 'platformName': 'macOS 12', 'sauce:options': {} }

Sauce Labs understands that having access to every updated browser is the only way to ensure that your web applications work for all your customers no matter their browser or operating system. While it can feel like Safari is not always the main browser your customers are using, even one customer experience that doesn’t function with the browser can cause you to lose a customer, money, and damage your brand. This is why Sauce Labs provides the opportunity to make sure whenever you run your web applications, you can automatically test on the most recent major version of whatever browser you need. Adding this practice ensures that your application is tested on every new browser and operating system as they come out, to give you the coverage and confidence you need to release high quality applications.

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