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Posted May 30, 2019

Get Real with vUSB


Sauce Labs Virtual USB (vUSB) for Real Devices simulates the connection of a real device using a USB cable to your local machine during a live or automated testing session. Cool, but so what? This means that developers have full control over the device while performing development and debugging activities in the Sauce Labs cloud—eliminating the need for real devices while receiving all the testing benefits.

What’s great about Sauce Labs vUSB, particularly for mobile application and web browser testing, is that it integrates into the development environment as if the device was directly connected to the workstation. So, you can also use just about any homegrown or open source developing and testing tools. Plus, the Sauce Labs cloud easily integrates with development environments like Android Studio and Xcode, or browser-based tools like Chrome DevTools.

Sauce Labs vUSB allows you to directly monitor device performance metrics such as CPU consumption, device memory, and network data performance all while debugging your native and web applications.

Sauce Labs vUSB customers receive:

  • Shared resources – Developers can share real mobile devices, hosted on the cloud for their development activities. There's no need to have local devices or emulators/simulators at each workstation to cover multiple OS versions & device models. Devices are always available and accessible.

  • Reduced time to fix – Debug on remote devices and easily reproduce complex issues detected during the dev process or reported by users in production.

  • Device performance information - Collect device vitals during debugging sessions where developers can measure device memory, CPU, and network data as the app runs.

vUSB is another solution from Sauce Labs to help you test quickly and easily, getting better product out the door faster. For more information on Sauce Labs vUSB, please visit our wiki page.

May 30, 2019
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