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Posted June 21, 2011

Full-on Cloud Dev with Turnkey Integration Testing


Three key software trends motivated us to form Sauce Labs:

  • The rise of agile practice

  • The domination of open source in the development and deployment process

  • The rise of PaaS

Those three flows suggested that mainstream approaches to software were in for major change and we wanted to help with that. On the rise of PaaS, we asked ourselves “if we move all our dev tools to the cloud, how are users going to test that stuff?" "With machines under their desk?” “No, we don’t think so” we answered ourselves. And so today is a red-letter day at Sauce Labs. We proudly stand beside CloudBees supporting their newly announced CloudBees Ecosystem. CloudBees shares our vision that manual and automated integration testing must be an integral part of any cloud development system. We believe in their vision that as the line between development and operations continues to blur, and deployment is in the cloud, the full development process must therefore live in the cloud. Paraphrasing Damon Runyon, the race is not always to the swift, but that’s where the smart money is. The software teams that deliver new value to customers the fastest are the ones most likely to win. Embracing a thoughtful balance of automated and manual testing, dev teams take on appropriate levels of risk as they accelerate deploying new features and value to their users. By inviting Sauce Labs to participate in their Ecosystem, CloudBees showed their keen understanding of this, and their view of the puzzle pieces necessary to make seamless dev-to-deploy in the cloud the game-changer it's destined to be. So, right on, CloudBees. Congrats on your launch!

Jun 21, 2011
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