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Posted August 11, 2020

Everwell Health Reduces Testing Time by More Than 50% with Sauce Labs


Everwell Health Solutions invents, designs and develops an open source platform called the Everwell Hub that allows healthcare organizations across the world to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality care, especially when it comes to managing health regimens for tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and mental health. Everwell supports the Government of India’s Nikshay platform covering care for TB-affected people in India, with more than 2.4 million cases added to the platform annually. The Everwell platform is also now configured to support the recovery journey for patients with COVID-19.

With Everwell’s platform, health care staff can log into a single portal to register and provide differentiated care to people affected by health challenges.

Everwell Health Solutions offerings.

All of these innovations represent strategies to empower people to connect with the best possible care, rather than a monitoring approach. People can take their medication independently without a healthcare professional present, and providers can cater their counseling and limited resources to reach out to those who may need additional support. 

As the Everwell team started setting up their CI/CD pipeline for automated tests, they faced a couple of challenges. “Our requirement was to run automated tests on multiple Android emulators and different sets of browsers,” said Ankit Agrawal, Senior Test Automation Engineer at Everwell. “We needed more storage space to set up emulators for our Jenkins server and multiple virtual machines to facilitate running of tests on different browsers and Android versions.”

The Everwell Hub is accessible on both a web platform as well as an Android application. Everwell pushes new features and fixes to their production environments every two weeks. They have a regression test suite designed in Jenkins to conduct automated sanity and regression testing. Tests are written using Appium (for the Android app) and Selenium (for web application).

Everwell Health Solutions testing environment

Given the complexity and scope that the team wanted to test for, they decided to build out cloud-based testing platforms to validate if it would solve this issue. They chose Sauce Labs because it provides better integration with CI tools like Jenkins than other tools they looked at. Sauce Labs creates detailed test execution logs, in addition to screenshots and video recording for each test, so when it does catch an error, Ankit and his team can easily identify the root cause and solve it quickly.

“We are happy with how Sauce Labs gives us access to multiple Android emulators and desktop OS/browser combinations, which reduced the effort and technical challenges involved in setting up our cloud-based testing automation pipeline,” said Ankit. 

Whenever code is deployed on a testing environment, it triggers automation tests which run through Jenkins on Sauce Labs. Parallel sessions in Sauce Labs allow the total execution time of their automation build to be around two hours—which used to take more than five hours when run consecutively. “Sauce Labs has greatly increased our ability to test a broader set of use cases in parallel, and reduce our time to run our test suite for a faster test-deploy cycle,” Ankit says.

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Aug 11, 2020
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