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Posted July 6, 2021

Backtrace Acquisition Adds Error Monitoring; Enables Customers to Receive Quality Signals Throughout Entire Software Development Lifecycle


Today is a great day at Sauce Labs! We just announced that we’ve acquired Backtrace, a provider of best-in-class error monitoring solutions for software developers and engineers. Backtrace enables organizations to mitigate application risk and improve digital quality by empowering development teams to rapidly deploy code with confidence knowing that they can quickly identify and remediate bugs once in production.

So why this acquisition, and why now? There are a few reasons. First, this acquisition extends the capabilities of the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud into production environments, enabling customers to receive quality signals throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including development, integration, and production.

Second, as development teams continue to move faster and push smaller increments of code into production, a new test methodology is emerging around error monitoring in production, one that enables organizations to shift both left and right. Many organizations are now augmenting their investment in front-end test automation solutions that assess application intent with error monitoring solutions deployed in production environments. With the combination of Sauce Labs and Backtrace, developers will be able to quickly observe and remediate errors in production while also leveraging those insights to expand and improve future test coverage during the development and integration phases of CI/CD. We strongly feel that this will be a huge benefit to our current customers.

Aside from being able to fix errors quickly in production, error monitoring can also be leveraged directly in dev and test environments, where it complements automated test frameworks such as Selenium and Appium by providing a deeper level of insight into what’s occurring within the application when a functional test fails. With the ability to quickly find and fix errors in production while also better understanding why those errors occurred in the first place, companies will have the confidence they need to release code faster and ensure quality throughout the SDLC.

Backtrace is simply the best at what they do. With this new acquisition now a part of our portfolio, Sauce customers will benefit from a best-in-class monitoring solution and the ability to get quality signals throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

For more information about Backtrace, read our press release, visit the website, or attend our upcoming webinar to learn why error monitoring in production has become a must-have capability for development teams committed to mitigating risk and delivering quality at speed.

Jul 6, 2021
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